New Acquisitions to our Collection

“A finished museum is a dead museum, and a dead museum is a useless museum,”
wrote Smithsonian scholar, Dr. George Brown Goode.

The Dyer Arts Center continues to grow and expand our permanent collection to benefit the public (which is you)! This year we have already acquired four new pieces from a diverse selection of artists, including a Rwanda native, a classmate of Chuck Baird, a renowned wildlife painter, and a contemporary surrealist.  We are expected to receive even more artworks later in the year.

Rwanda-based painter, Diane Hirwa was born deaf. She finds self-expression through her drawings and paintings, which has led her to becoming a distinguished artist early in life. One of her vases was presented to us by Thomastine Sarchet, director of International Educational Outreach at NTID.  The vase is fully embellished with beads spelling out “NTID.”


NTID Alumni Chris Roeback is the second donor.  Roeback shared art classes with artist Chuck Baird during their time as undergraduates. His piece entitled, “American Dream” is a large oil painting illustrating Roeback’s interpretation of the nation’s flag. Along with being a classmate of Baird’s, Roeback was also a member of the Deaf Artists of America in 1986, where Baird held a seat on the board.


Our final acquisition, to date, is from the beloved Alan and Vicki Hurwitz who have been friends and generous donors of RIT/ NTID for many years. Their donation includes two works by wildlife artist, Louis Frisno whose paintings have been featured on many U.S. postage stamps. The donation also includes a work by local surrealist painter, Randy Dunham. Dunham’s meticulous geometric designs transport viewers into gravity defying landscapes.

All of our recent donations will be on view for the public this fall in the President’s Hallway on the second floor of NTID. 


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