Exhibition: Shakespeare in American Deaf History

Shakespeare in American Deaf History exhibit will celebrate the unique contributions the Deaf community have made to Shakespearean theatre. This traveling exhibit from Gallaudet University will include informational panels, ephemera, photos, translations of Shakespeare’s works in American Sign Language (ASL), and an interactive online game.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to show Gallaudet University’s traveling exhibition on Shakespeare in American Deaf History.  Many photos and ephemera have been borrowed from the NTID Performing Arts, so you may see a familiar face or two (like Patrick Graybill and Peter Cook)!  The exhibit will be open until March 4.  Come and learn about the rich history of Shakespeare in Deaf culture.

Throughout the month of February, the Dyer Arts Center collaborated with NTID Performing Arts by providing presentations and performances on Shakespeare.  Monique Holt talked about incorporating Visual Gestural Communication in her TITUS performance.  Patrick Graybill gave an adapted performance on King Lear by using everyday objects as characters and props.  Fred Beam talked about Deaf People of Color in Shakespeare and Sunshine 2.0 gave an amazing rendition of sonnets and scenes from MacBeth.  We hope to continue this kind of collaboration with the NTID Performing Arts for future exhibits!



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