Sneak Peek into 2017

Curious about what we’re doing for 2017?  Take a look and see!

The Dyer Arts Center is booked for Spring 2017 with exhibits in all of our galleries.

Some highlighted exhibits for next semester are as follows:

Shakespeare in American Deaf History
Shakespeare in American Deaf History exhibit will celebrate the unique contributions the Deaf community have made to Shakespearean theatre.  The exhibit will include informational panels, ephemera, photos, translations of Shakespeare’s works in American Sign Language (ASL), and an interactive online game.

(Re)Invention Art + Innovation + Disability + Design
The VSA program at the John F. Kennedy Center will be sending their traveling exhibition of Emerging Young Artists to the Dyer Arts Center.  Selected artists will be coming to host a workshop and give a talk about their works.

Deaf Rochester Film Festival
The Deaf Rochester Film Festival will have a small exhibit that focuses on ephemera of previous deaf film festivals nationally and internationally.  Graphics and posters from various decades will be displayed.

Ann Silver Retrospective
The Dyer Arts Center will showcase this internationally-known iconic artist’s groundbreaking Deafcentric work on a grand scale. The retrospective traces the artistic journey of the only surviving member of the Deaf Art Movement (DAM), which came 20 years before De’VIA.

Each exhibit will have a reception or a special event to celebrate successful openings.  It’s a great way to meet artists, learn more about exhibit content, and to mingle with other like-minded folks.

Last, but not least, some upcoming events that you can’t miss:

WINE AND PAINTING PARTY & DE-STRESS WORKSHOP! Who doesn’t like Wine and Painting parties, right? You will have to be at least 21 years old to come, though. The De-Stress Workshop has been successful in the past, and so we’re doing it again!

We will be sure to update our website, blogsite, and social media platforms for you to get more information on these receptions, exhibitions, and events. Keep your eyes peeled for details!





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