Chinese Deaf Art Exhibition

Everlasting Friendship: A Selection of Works from Our Sister School in China
Ohringer Gallery
September 30th, 2016 – October 29th, 2016

The NTID Dyer Arts Center boasts a large collection of Chinese art generously donated by the Postsecondary Education Network-International (PEN-International) program. PEN-International aims to expand career opportunities for the deaf by improving postsecondary education in China, the Philippines, Russia, and Japan.

Funded by The Nippon Foundation of Japan, NTID’s PEN-International worked in collaboration with Tianjin University of Technology/Tianjin Technical College for the Deaf to improve postsecondary education throughout China.

Artworks displayed here were done by deaf students from across the People’s Republic of China. The faculty of PEN partners in China selected the best work of their students and presented them as gifts to NTID, PEN, and Dr. DeCaro. In most instances, the artists’ names, the titles of their works, and the dates of production were not recorded or were lost over time.

We hope you enjoy these selections from our permanent collection.


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