Artist Statement: Yiqiao Wang

Yiqiao Wang
Exploring Colorful Soul: Artist Statement and Bio

Yiqiao Wang’s artwork has a distinctive style that has become her trademark.  She captures the soul of an image through her use of vivid colors and stylized geometric abstraction.  The works on display in this exhibit, whether they represent humans, animals, or objects, are interpretations on what she sees and perceives in her daily life.

“I work primarily with portraits.  My work process starts with a sketch in black and white.  I draw inspiration from pop culture, everyday life, cultural influences of China and America, memories, and natural environments.  After the sketch, I experiment in finding a color scheme that reflects my vision.  I then transfer my drawing into digital illustration and use geometric shapes and vivid colors to complete my interpretation of the image’s soul.  My style symbolizes brightness, nature, and pleasure and a new approach to use of colors.  I want my work to have that emotional impact that draws you into looking at the image in depth.  A professor from my MFA program once told me to find a style that neither deaf nor hearing artists had—a style that was uniquely mine.  I feel that I have accomplished that with my work.”

Wang was born in Beijing, China, and graduated with a BA in Digital Media from Gallaudet University. Wang then earned her MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her specialty is in watercolor illustrations and vector drawings.


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