Artist Statement: Hilary Allumaga

Hilary Allumaga
The Vibration Color Dream: Artist Statement and Bio

Hilary Allumaga’s dynamic abstract paintings are stunning in their power.  Though these are Hilary’s thoughts and feelings on canvas, they remain open to interpretation by others. In some of the work seen in this exhibit, real life in Nigeria takes center stage, and in others, the focus is on life in a better world for everyone.  Dark colors represent struggles of the past; bright colors, round shapes, and starbursts signify hope for the future.

“Some of my paintings reflect my emotional past and wishes for brighter days to come. I see a future that is vibrant and full of promise. As a deaf artist, I see colors and texture as ways of communicating my feelings.  They vibrate from the canvas.”

Hilary was born and raised in the small village of Alogani in Nasarawa state in north central Nigeria.  The Palm Wine Tapper, a painted and stained wood collage, was the first piece he submitted to Gallaudet University, eventually leading him to become a student there. Hilary was mostly a self-taught artist until he went to Gallaudet University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2008.

Hilary loves art in all forms and sharing his work with others. In his very limited spare time, he enjoys reading newspapers.  He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, and is married to Vivian Nfaku, a deaf woman from Cameroon. Together, they are raising a family of four lively children.


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