Artists Reception: Yiqiao Wang & Hilary Allumaga

We’ve kicked off the school year with two exciting exhibits: Hilary Allumaga’s The Vibration Color Dream and Yiqiao Wang’s Exploring Colorful Soul.  Allumaga is a Nigerian artist who paints dynamic abstract artworks with his feelings and thoughts.  His works are open to interpretation. Wang is a Chinese artist that mainly focuses on portraits and inspirations of pop culture, everyday life, cultural influences of China and America, and the natural environment.
We had an opening reception on September 9th from 5 to 7pm.  A wonderful variety of people came and went, and the reception was a success. The artists both gave short talks about their background and their artworks.

Their artworks are currently for sale. If you are interested in buying artworks, please contact Tabitha Jacques at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will be exhibiting those works until October 29, 2016. Be sure to stop by and see the works until then!

To learn more about Yiqiao Wang and Hilary Allumaga:

Yiqiao Wang
FB: Yi Illustration: a word each day
IG: yiillustration365days

Hilary Allumaga


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